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H&R Transport is evolving to meet the lifestyle needs of our valued drivers.

Our Fleet

H&R Transport is proud to have one of the largest, newest and most dependable fleets on the road today. This ensures the safety of our drivers and the on-time delivery of all our cargo. We are Canada’s largest fully domestic tri-axle fleet.

Trucks - Total: 230

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  • Company Day Cabs
    • Average age is 3 years
  • Company Highway Sleeper Cabs
    • Average age is 2 years
    • Tripac equipped
    • 12V inverter
    • In-bunk refrigerator
    • Automatic Transmission
    • DT12 Transmission
    • DD15 Engine
    • PeopleNet Communication Tablets

Trailers / Containers - Total: 550

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  • Average age is 3 years old
  • All Company intermodal containers and highway reefer trailers are equipped with FleetLink satellite tracking technology
  • Select portion of our intermodal containers are equipped with solar panels
  • All reefers are Thermoking and their average age is 2.5