Join Our Team

H&R Transport is pleased to have one of the best Driving Teams in North America. Our skilled drivers have an unprecedented safety record. If you would like to Join our driving team, download and submit the driver application form or complete the form at the bottom of this page, and a recruiter will contact you. 

To apply by phone call:

Lethbridge - David Foder  @ 1-800-661-8044

Toronto - Mandy Matheson @ 1-877-349-3801

Calgary- Hutch Thomas     @ 1-800-567-7266

Edmonton- Hutch Thomas  @ 1-888-239-7142

Winnipeg- Mandy Matheson    @ 1-877-349-3801


H & R Transport Pre Employment Form

If you are interested in joining the H & R Team, please take the time to fill out this Pre-Employment form.